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do you ever shift in bed slightly and suddenly youre in the most perfect sleeping position ever and you feel like the fucking planets are aligned

Then you gotta pee


I was so excited!! This picture is so important


How to find MCR fans in a room

step 1: find a piano

step 2: play the first note to “welcome to the black parade”

step 3: Watch as their heads shoot up instantly 

freshest-tittymilk replied to your post: Need bra advice.

You’re better off going to the box bras at wally’s… The ones on the rack can be spotty; in canada, the curvaceous line is p.good, the George line can be a potential, but the boxed stuff from playtex et all def have wide bands n straps

Lemme write this down. Thank you~

The bras on the rack always look so flimsy and they’re so many of them, so I never bother with the bras there at all. The last time I got a brad from them was back in 2005. A sports bra and I still have it. lol

Need bra advice.

Imma big girl with big titties who shops at Lane Bryant and nowhere else, but I’m low on cash and low on bras… Does Walmart sell good, supportive bras? Are the bands wide and thick? Is the fabric good enough to not cut into my skin? Same for the straps? I might hit up a Walmart and get some soon…

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"Why do you have to spend all your money on video games?"

because I am interested in them, they are a hobby, they are just as much a form of media as books and television, and most importantly: playing them makes me happy

My day started out okay and now it’s shit. I deserve some Starbucks!

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*opens skull*

*massages brain gently*

You know you’re stressed out when you can’t even remember what you had for dinner.
To everyone out there saying Shane Dawson is as bad as Sam Pepper: PLEASE STOP










The thing is, I am so shure of myself, I take so much pride on who and what I am, and my herritage. That I don’t mind, since I know he is not doing it to make me feel bad and he is just making fun of the stereotype. The better you think about yourself, the lesser this kind of things affect you.

… Stereotypes don’t hurt? What kind of candyland do you live in?

Of course, he’s not doing it to make you feel bad. You’re just profitable. Dollar signs. $$$ But if privileged folk didn’t try to undermine minorities and slap stereotypes on them, he wouldn’t have anything to make money off of and you’d be absolutely useless to him. 

But keep thinking his “comedy” is gold.

In other -positive- news~

My love just expressed some interest in playing Ace Attorney and Professor Layton…

:> This gon be good!

punkphantom sent: today was my first day of class which i was really stressed and upset about, but while waiting for the bus, i noticed a grey kitty sitting in one of the driveways. i approached it and pet it and it was the sweetest kitty! it was dark grey and it even let me pet its belly without attacking me and it made me feel a lot better. well there is my message about kitties 😊

I need random encounters of the kitty kind, too! D: That was so adorable!

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Lord, have fucking mercy.

I am about to lose my mind on tumblr tonight. Someone send me a nice message about kitties and cupcakes or something.